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Do Ho Suh

September 11 – October 25, 2014
201 Chrystie Street & 540 West 26th Street, New York

Robin Rhode
having been there

September 17 – November 1, 2014
Hong Kong

Lehmann Maupin:
540 West 26th Street, New York 10001 +1 212 255 2923
201 Chrystie Street, New York 10002 +1 212 254 0054

Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong:
407 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street Hong Kong +852 2530 0025

Had a wonderful first week of internship working with the Communications Department. Look forward to working with the Artist Liaison Department this coming week. #hkinterninnyc
#selfportrait #newmuseum #newyork
Party at Studio Museum
#bodylanguage #exhibition #studiomuseum #harlem
#timrollins&kos #originofspecies #lehmannmaupin #insideoffice #internship #newyork
#Mickalene Thomas #nofilter #cantwejustsitdownandtalkitover
Recommended to go to the New Museum block party on Saturday. Great public program and a free complimentary ticket to the New Museum! #newmuseum #hkinterninnyc #newyork
#onthehighline #chelsea #newyork
Red steel sculpture at Union Square. #alexandrearrechea #sherrynetherland #publicsculpture #hkinterninnyc #unionsquare #newyork

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting blog entries written by our summer intern, Bobbie, who is the first person to participate in our annual summer internship program for Hong Kong-based students interested in gaining hands-on experience in New York. To view more of Bobbie’s pictures, follow #HKinterninNYC on instagram!

First Week in LMG New York: Communications Department

Whenever an intern writes a blog about the internship, the trajectory would usually begin by describing the initial trepidation, followed by gradual adjustment, and arriving ultimately at an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

I know that my blog would be slightly different because it is about a trans-Pacific internship at an established and international gallery right at the core of the New York art scene. It’s not that I don’t expect to go through any trepidation, adjustment or accomplishment, but there are so many unknown variables that I cannot simply fit my experience into any usual trajectory. First of all, New York is new to me. A sense of pseudo-familiarity that I have with the city, after years of exposure to exported American pop culture, would not help. They are not MY versions of New York. More importantly, my knowledge of the New York art scene is limited. This internship is going to be a learning experience more than anything else.

To make it more comprehensive, Lehmann Maupin Gallery assigns me to a new department each week with different projects. My first week here started with the Communications Department. I had a vague sense of how the department is responsible for cultivating and promoting a befitting image of the gallery to the media. But the exact complexities and details gradually revealed themselves when I sifted through various news articles (both Chinese and English) in preparing a bi-lingual press pack for our Hong Kong division. I also had a wonderful chance to do some in-depth research into past writings on the contemporary art scene as a way of tapping into and understanding the New York art world in relation to our gallery. One major thing I notice about the department is that the work is not only never-ending; it also keeps growing due to the increasing number of social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Weibo, Tumblr…the department has to be perpetually energetic in order to keep up with the changes in the media and assert the presence of our gallery in the virtual world.

So, that was a good start! Follow me as I move into other departments and enjoy the exciting art scene of New York, New York.

 Perks of Being an Intern!

There are great benefits of being an intern at LMG. And I don’t mean only getting a free pass to many major museums in New York. Only a few days into my internship here, and I had the chance to go to an art opening at the Studio Museum, Harlem, as part of “work”. One of their current exhibitions, “Body Language”, running from Jul 18 to Oct 27, features artworks by two of our artists, Tim Rollins & K.O.S. and Mickalene Thomas. They are the “Temptations of St. Anthony” (1989) and “Can’t We Just Sit Down and Talk It Over?” (2007) Check out my photos here or on Instagram (bobbiekuldip)!

This was my first time in Harlem, and music was in the air! I have never been to an art opening which featured a party with musical performances, drinks and dance before. It was super fun, especially in the summer. I wish they have more openings like this one.

Follow me as I go to different museums and galleries during the weekends!


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